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New Zealand characteristic icon

New Zealand characteristic icon

New Zealand characteristic icon

File name:New Zealand characteristic icon set

The icon set contains:

Blacks icon, Alt. NZ Flag icon, Bach icon, Beehive icon, Buzzy Bee icon, Cricket icon, Greenstone icon, Jandals icon, Kiwi icon, Kiwi Fruit icon, L&P icon, Maori Flag icon, Marae icon, Moko 1 icon, Moko 2, Mount Taranaki icon, Nuclear Free icon, New Zealand Flag icon, Peter Jackson icon, Rugby Ball icon, Sheep icon, Silver Fern icon, Skater Cap icon, Tomato Sauce icon, Tramping Boots icon, Truck with Dog icon, Whale Watching icon,Artwork by Cian Walsh,all are awesome icons.

These icons have the strong New Zealand characteristic.All icons are wonderful design.

Download the New Zealand characteristic icon set file for free;

You can grab this resource from the designer’s blog:link,and you may need to read the lisence text before you download them.