photo detail

File size: 3.8 MB;
File Format: PSD Format (photoshop psd file);
Related colors: blue and black,etc;
Graphical elements: ios 7,template
Designed byHubert Florin from Vancouver,CA.

Preview and creat all the sizes you need for you app on ios 7.

Some tips you may want to know:
– Make sure to select the slices you want to export and also select “Slices: Selected Slices” when exporting for the web
– I prefer to set Image interpolation to Bilinear to avoid unwanted effects (in photoshop preferences)
– You can show/hide the grid on both smart object or preview. Just make sure to turn it off when exporting 🙂
License:click here
Download this ios 7 icon template psd file from the link. Hope this will come in handy.