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File Format: PSD Format (photoshop psd file);
File size: 5.51 MB;
Related colors: white,blue,black etc;
Graphic elements: apple,device,notebook,macbook,mockup,template,laptop,retina display
Designed byJustD or twitter
Today’s freebie is a perfect macbook pro with retina display,scalable and photorealistic mockups.
You’ll get:
15 pixel-perfect views
Fully lossless resizable
All in vector shapes
All in stylessheets
Easily creen replacment

What else?
Really high-level of detalization
Photo-realistic views with proper perspective
One view of boxed macbook

This pack includes:
3 front views,3 top views,4 sides views,4 left side views with perspective,one box view
1. Macbook – top views.psd (10.8 MB)
2. Macbook – front views.psd (8.31 MB)
3. Macbook – side views.psd (12.1 MB)
4. Macbook – side views without perspective.psd (3.75 MB)
5 Macbook – box.psd (5.15 MB)

Macbook Pro Retina Mockup Template PSD

Macbook Pro Retina Mockup Template PSD

How to?

There are four following colors of folders and layer in each .psd file:

1. Red – smart-object with the 2880x1800px screenshot
2. Green – folder with all box’s layers
3. Blue – folders with display’s (closed/30/90/110)
4. Yellow – folder with the shadow and reflection

To change a angle of the display in one of the source (e.x. 2.Macbook – front views.psd)
you just need to turn on ‘Display-90’ folder and turn off ‘Display-30’.

There two ways to replace the original screenshot on the display with your own.
Your own screenshot must be 2880x1800px size.

First one:
1. Open one of the .psd files in the Adobe Photoshop.
2. Right-click on the red ‘Replace the Screen’ layer.
3. Select ‘Replace Contents’
4. Choose the image file on your computer.

Second one:
1. Open one of the .psd files in the Adobe Photoshop.
2. Double-click on the thumbnail of the red ‘Replace the Screen’ layer.
3. Drag & drop your own screeshot into opened smart-object or paste it from the clipboard.

To upscale or downscale one of the views then just press
ALT+CTRL+I (ALT+COMMAND+I), set the desired size and press OK.
The rest will be done automatically without loss of quality.

License: According to its creator,you can use it as you want 😉
You can download this awesome macbook mockup psd file below for free!
[download id=”305″ format=”1″]