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File Format: PNG Format;
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Graphic elements:Mobile phone
Designed byNoah Zwillinger from Washington, DC.
This wallpapers pack includes 6 free and awesome phone wallpapers.All wallpapers are really beautiful!
Blue Geometric iPod Background.png (dimension:410×621);
Full Size Poster SMall.png (dimension:576×818);
Gammenboy.png (dimension:570×765);
Geometrical Man.png (dimension:859×859);
Qoute Forest.png (dimension:704×850);
Sky Chunks.png (dimension:1125×2024);
Space Invaders.png (dimension:644×1017);
Unicorn Pop Art.png (dimension:1602×2514);
License:click here
You can download the phone wallpaper pack file on theauthor’s blog.or here. If you love these wallpapers,share it with your friends.