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File Format: PNG Format;
File size: 8.79 MB;
Related colors: colorful;
Graphic elements: flat design,ios,iphone,wallpaper,ios 7,gradient background
Designed byJan Semler from Karlsruhe, Germany.
In archive,you’ll find  3 folders:Dotted, Lines, Plain. Each folder contains 9 beautiful wallpapers in png format and the size of  640 x 1136.

Dotted wallpapers includes: Blue Green-Dotted.png / Blue Pink White-Dotted.png / Green Blue Pink-Dotted.png/ Green Blue White-Dotted.png/  Green Red-Dotted.png/Lila Blue-Dotted.png/ Lila Orange Green-Dotted.png/Pink Green White-Dotted.png/Red Lila-Dotted.png

Lines wallpapers includes: Blue Green-Lines.png/Blue Pink White-Lines.png/Green Blue Pink-Lines.png/Green Blue White-Lines.png/Green Red-Lines.png/Lila Blue-Lines.png/Lila Orange Green-Lines.png/Pink Green White-Lines.png/Red Lila-Lines.png

Plain wallpapers includes: Blue Green-Plain.png/Blue Pink White-Plain.png/Green Blue Pink-Plain.png/Green Blue White-Plain.png/Green Red-Plain.png/ Lila Blue-Plain.png/Lila Orange Green-Plain.png/Pink Green White-Plain.png/Red Lila-Plain.png
License:click here
Download the iphone wallpapers pack from the link for free. Hope you like them.  Enjoy these wallpapers! 🙂