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Yosemite Folder Icon Templates PSD File

Yosemite Folder Icon Templates PSD File

PSD Mockup / Template

Yosemite Folder (Multi).psd
This template is for those who demand pixel precision at every icon size.

Each Smart Object (7 of them) needs to be modified and this method offers the greatest flexability for glyph design. Anyone who follows Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) knows that one image/icon should not be used for all sizes.

Yosemite Folder (Single).psd
This template is for a quick and easy folder creation as it contains only one Smart Object to be edited.

Please note that if you choose to use this template your glyph should be as simple as possible so that when resized down to the 16×16 icon, the glyph is still ‘readable’.

Yosemite Folder Icon.atn
Double clicking this will load the action into Photoshop.

The purpose of this action is to “Save for Web” each icon size (as PNG) to a folder on your desktop called “Yosemite Folder Export”.

The action automatically hides the “Yosemite Back” layer and uses the slices from the included PSD files to export.

Freebie psd created and released by manyk
You can download the Yosemite Folder Icon Templates psd file here